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Adult Orthodontics & Invisalign in Oakland

invisalignWhen we dread something, the instinctual human response is often procrastination. Patients hesitant to begin orthodontic treatment may put off braces for years, until they are well into adulthood. At this point, the thought of braces is somewhat impossible – how can one choose to undergo a treatment that will affect his or her professional, social, and personal life? Bypass the burden of braces with Invisalign treatment, a teeth straightening system formulated especially for adults searching for an alternative to metal braces. Our dentist is a premier Invisalign provider in the Oakland area.
Invisalign’s series of custom-fitted, clear aligner trays will straighten your teeth subtly, quickly, and comfortably. Invisalign treatment specifically answers the problems associated with traditional braces:
o Visibility. Whereas metal braces are impossible to overlook, clear Invisalign trays fit snugly to teeth and are nearly imperceptible. As the trays are transparent, you will enjoy watching the straightening process and monitoring the progress of your teeth.
o Comfort. Smooth plastic evokes a different sensory image than prickly wires and brackets. You won’t be confronted with the discomfort of a poking wire, metal band, or bracket; once accustomed to the extra substance in your mouth, you’ll hardly feel Invisalign trays at all. As the trays gently and gradually shift teeth, there will be only minimal soreness accompanying a new tray, rather than the overwhelming tightness felt after receiving a new wire.
o Removability. Braces are inescapable obstructions. Attempting to perform adequate brushing and flossing is difficult, and particles become easily trapped between brackets and wires. Your diet must change to incorporate the delicate orthodontic framework filling your mouth. Rather than controlling your activities, Invisalign trays slip out of your mouth whenever necessary. You will eat as you please, and brush and floss with ease. The ease of oral hygiene will prevent white or dark spots from appearing on your teeth during treatment (as is common with braces).
o Commitment. Invisalign streamlines the straightening process to shorten treatment time. Whereas braces may take upwards of two years to correct a malocclusion, Invisalign will take only six months to eighteen months. Additionally, Invisalign treatment requires fewer visits to your dentist, as you are able to switch trays on your own – you should generally need an appointment every 6-9 weeks.

The Invisalign Process

Your Invisalign treatment will be a largely independent undertaking, with the continuing support of our Oakland dental team. Invisalign puts control in the patient’s hands; we will only need to see you every 6-9 weeks.

First Invisalign Appointment: Evaluation and Digital Scan

o Dr. Ghassemi will examine your occlusion (bite) and begin visualizing a treament plan. Should the malocclusion extend beyond the reach of Invisalign treatment, we will recommend an orthodontist to continue your treatment.
o We will take a digital scan of your teeth, rather than a putty-based impression. This scan is more comfortable and more accurate than a physical mold. Digital results of the scan are easily shared between our office and the Invisalign lab for ease of communication.
o Our Oakland Invisalign dentist will base your treatment plan on the scans. We will also create projected images of your post-Invisalign occlusion and smile to involve you in the treatment process.

Second Invisalign Appointment: Aligner trays received

o Each tray will be worn for about 2 weeks.
o You will be instructued to wear trays at all times (for a minimum of 20 hours per day). The trays should be removed for eating, oral hygiene, special occasions
o Based on your malocclusion, your total aligner wear time will be between 6-18 months.

Following Invisalign Appointments: New trays received and progress monitored until completion!

Though you will spend the majority of Invisalign treatment independent, our Oakland dentist will be available throughout your treatment to resolve any concerns that may arise.

Six Month Smiles

clear-braces-oaklandSix Month Smiles prioritizes speed to deliver straighter front teeth with an average treatment time of six months. The system targets visible teeth, correcting alignment and improving uneven spacing. Six Month Smiles employs clear wires and brackets that are much less noticeable than traditional braces. Post-treatment, a retainer will need to be worn to maintain the straightening results, but many patients find the speedy treatment time makes retainer wear a minor compensation. If you have a strong occlusion but cosmetic concerns, and would like straighter teeth as quickly as possible, Six Month Smiles could be your orthodontic treatment. Ask our Oakland dental office for more details on speedy straightening.
Orthodontics - 6 Month Smile

Don’t continue to live with crooked teeth that detract from your happiness. An alternative orthodontic solution that cooperates with your lifestyle is waiting at Summit Dental.

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