Root Canals

Dental infections occur on several different levels. A tooth’s surface may decay, or gums may become infected. But when a tooth’s nerve becomes infected, it cannot be salvaged. At this point, a root canal must be performed to eradicate the infection before it progresses to an abscess. Though root canals have an unfortunate reputation, the removal of the tooth’s nerve is neither complicated nor painful. Contemporary root canals with a skilled dentist are similar in nature to having a cavity filled. Once the infected tooth is rid of its pulp, the tooth will not cause you further pain. A root canal “kills” a tooth, but this does not mean that you will lose the tooth following treatment. We will fill the tooth with dental cement and fit it with a crown to preserve structure. After a root canal, you won’t notice a difference – other than the soothing absence of pain.

Root Canal Procedure

Your root canal will be performed with local anesthesia to numb the area Dr. Ghassemi will be working on. If you need multiple root canals, we may perform them together or separately depending on your preference and the tooth locations. As always, we prioritize the option with which you are most comfortable. We will access the infected tooth from the lingual surface (the side of your teeth facing the tongue) so that the entry will be invisible. Our Oakland dentist will probe the tooth and remove all nerve and pulp. After taking x-rays to ensure the tooth is clean of infection, Dr. Ghassemi will fill and seal the tooth. This will bolster the tooth and prevent further infection.

After Your Oakland Root Canal

You will feel soreness immediately after the root canal, from receiving shots of anesthetic and from gum swelling beneath the site. But after a brief recovery period, you will experience a total lack of sensitivity in the treated teeth. If the tooth that has been treated is a molar or a part of the occlusal (bite) surface, our Oakland dentist will recommend that a crown be placed to preserve its structure. Teeth are weaker post-root canal, and a dental prosthetic will prevent cracking.

Our Summit Dental Care team will stay in close contact after your root canal to make sure that it was a resounding success. If you experience lasting pain and suspect there may still be infection present, get in touch with us immediately.

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