Full Mouth Reconstruction

Restorative dentistry doesn’t resolve only missing teeth. While countless individuals seek dental help to restore their missing teeth, an even greater number of patients struggle with worn dentition. Worn teeth:

Negatively impact your smile

Age both your smile and face

Cause you to experience increased tooth sensitivity

Teeth may become worn through erosion, after being exposed to harmful chemicals for a long period of time. These chemicals may result from stomach acids (in those with acid reflux), beverages, citrus juices, or an eating disorder. Teeth are also worn down by attrition, damaging grinding of the teeth against one another. Whether your worn dentition is a result of erosion or attrition, our Oakland dentist will determine the cause and the best course of action.

Dr. Babak Ghassemi has trained extensively with Spear Education Center to learn a variety of approaches to full mouth reconstruction. His cosmetic and general dentistry skills will make your full mouth reconstruction with Summit Dental a fulfilling experience.

Summit Dental Rebuilds Worn Teeth

Once we have identified the cause of your worn teeth, we will work with you to ensure your teeth are protected from future wear. This may mean a change in lifestyle or diet. We may make you a mouth guard to protect against bruxism, or refer you to a specialist to help change any personal habits that are wearing away your teeth.
Oakland Full Mouth Dental Implants

While it is crucial that the reason for your worn dentition be identified and removed, there remains the matter of repairing the damage that has already been done to your teeth. Resolving worn dentition can be trickier than replacing entire missing teeth. The esthetic aspects of restoring worn teeth are key. The rebuilt teeth must be individually natural looking yet durable. We will employ a number of treatments to return your teeth to a state of health, considering:

– Tooth size

– Occlusion

 Lip mobility

 Length of upper lip

– Length of teeth

Visit our restorative dentistry page to learn more about the potential procedures involved in your full mouth reconstruction with Summit Dental. Don’t allow your worn teeth to control you; we will help you regain a natural, full smile of which you are proud.

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