Dental Technology

Dental Technology Available in Oakland CA

Our Oakland dentists pride themselves on searching for emerging dental technology that will enhance patient comfort. Our practice uses contemporary dental technology to elevate our techniques to the highest possible level. State-of-the-art dental lasers, specialized microscopes, and pathology-establishing x-rays help set our dental work apart. Even more significantly, this technology provides our patients with the most comfortable dental procedures possible.

The Dental Laser Difference

Dental lasers approach hard and soft tissue very differently than a drill does. A laser focuses a specific wavelength of light in an incredibly narrow beam to effect tissue in different ways. Whereas a drill cuts tissue via friction and heat, lasers ablate (vaporize) the tissue with minimal heat. Heat is what causes discomfort, bleeding, and negative side effects of dental procedures. Moreover, lasers are more specific than drills in their movements and tissue reduction. This reduces residual damage of surrounding areas. Lasers not only increase patient comfort by reducing downtime, they cauterize tissue as they cut, reducing bleeding. Finally, lasers are free of the high-pitched, anxiety-inducing whine of a dental drill, merely producing a quiet clicking sound.

Dental lasers may be used in nearly any application – detection of decay, tooth reduction, oral cancer screening, plaque removal, and more. They reduce your need for anesthesia, improve the dentist’s work, and minimize downtime. We can’t wait to show you the laser difference at your next appointment with Summit Dental.

Our Zeiss Microscope

Teeth often demand close dental investigation. The Zeiss microscope excels at magnification of dental areas for precise, exacting dental work. Summit Dental uses the microscope for aid during root canals. The high magnification of the tooth allows our Oakland dentist to ensure that infected tooth pulp has been entirely removed, and to illuminate the root canal. The Zeiss microscope is useful for veneer placement, delineating the gum line so that the veneer may be placed tightly against the gums. This leads to flawless, natural-looking veneer work.

Planmeca 3D X-Rays

A traditional, panoramic x-ray shows a single plane of the mouth per exposure. Planmeca cone beam (3D) x-rays capture three-dimensional images of the teeth, jaws, and skull with each exposure. 3D x-rays provide our Oakland dentists with a comprehensive view of your mouth’s structure. This is key in formulating plans for placement of dental implants, as well as establishing the pathology of other oral and maxillofacial areas. Planmeca 3D x-rays change the way we are able to view patients’ teeth and, by extension, the quality of our dental work.

Our practice’s technology doesn’t determine our abilities; it elevates our innate potential. Experience the exacting dentistry made possible when superb skill combines with modern technology.