Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Oakland

Missing teeth are so restrictive. They keep you from enjoying the most basic activities, and lower your confidence level to make activities that shouldn’t be affected by a missing tooth become less satisfying. You may have hesitated to seek treatment for your missing tooth because a fake teeth, a bridge, or dentures sound uncomfortable and overly prosthetic. Dental implants make restorative dental structures a natural-feeling part of your mouth.

Dental implants are reliable, stable, and lasting replacements for tooth roots severely compromised by decay or disease. The implant will be secured to the jawbone to act as a permanent anchor for a replacement tooth. Your speech, oral comfort, diet, and confidence will return to normalcy. Dental implants make you a happier person. And we can’t ask more than that of our dental treatments.
Oakland Dental Implants

Do I need to visit a different office or specialist to receive an implant?

Our Summit Dental Care team is proud to offer dental implant placement in lieu of referring patients to an Oakland oral surgeon. By receiving your implants from your Oakland dentist, you experience treatment with a staff that you are experienced and comfortable with. We will be able to ensure the implant work is performed to our exacting standards. Dr. Ghassemi and team will also be able to engage comprehensively with the post-treatment restorative dental work. Above all, by performing the entire procedure (from visualization to completion), we are able to guarantee your patient comfort and satisfaction.

Dental Implant Placement

There may be pre-implant treatments necessary to ensure that your jaw is able to receive an implant. This could consist of a bone graft to strengthen the implant site, or an extraction if the problem tooth is still rooted in your mouth. In total, the time span from implant placement to crown placement may take up to six months. Treatment is spread out to allow the affected areas to heal, as well as the implant to integrate with the jawbone. Only once the implant is stable will a restoration be attached.

We will work with you to ensure that you receive the appropriate anesthetic and are comfortable during implant placement. Our Oakland dentist will begin by preparing the edentulous (toothless) site. A small pilot hole will be drilled in the gum to accommodate the implant. The implant itself, a titanium screw, will be drilled into the jawbone. Dr. Ghassemi will suture the gums closed and place a temporary restoration in the area. You will then spend up to six months healing and allowing for osseointegration, when the biocompatible titanium fuses to bone.

At the final appointment, an abutment will be placed to hold the implant and restoration together. Finally, the restoration will be bonded to the abutment and your tooth will be restored. While restorations like crowns and bridges last an average of ten years, they may be easily replaced. Moreover, the implant will last your lifetime.

Dental implants restore the function and form of a mouth missing teeth. You will experience renewed self-worth and ability, partaking in activities without discomfort or pause. Are you ready to make this overwhelming change? Let us aid you in beginning steps towards dental implants.

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