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Oakland Restorative Dentistry

Not every dental patient is aware that oral health affects whole body health. While oral disease causes certain dental-specific handicaps, it also impacts the function of your entire body. It’s crucial that we take care of our teeth to ensure beautiful smiles, but those beautiful smiles have countless positive side effects. Heightened self confidence; lower risk for serious illnesses like diabetes, stroke, or heart failure; ease of daily activities; even a longer life – all are linked with excellent oral health. To achieve healthy teeth, patients should attend regular dental exams and practice oral hygiene at home.

Although our dentist in Oakland preaches preventive dentistry, there are solutions for teeth in trouble. If your teeth have fallen prey to an accident, decay, or periodontal disease, Summit Dental’s restorative dentistry treatments will return your teeth to a state of wellbeing. Though these treatments range from minor (dental sealants to strengthen enamel) to significant (dental implants to replace teeth), they are all performed with an aim to restore dental health. Our range of restorative dental options make it possible for our Oakland cosmetic dentist to answer to any individual’s needs.

Restorative Dentistry may be right for you if:

You are missing one, several, or all of your teeth
Your teeth are worn
Your teeth are extremely sensitive
Your teeth are severely decayed
You are unhappy with the appearance of your smile

Whether your daily life and comfort are compromised by the state of your teeth, or your teeth cause you even a little unhappiness, there exists a restorative solution. Employing restorative dental techniques in combination with cosmetic dentistry allows Summit Dental to repair dental problems with breathtaking results. Restorative dentistry will return function, form and beauty to a weathered smile, changing the patient’s life.

Your Restorative Dentistry Experience

Our compassionate team will confer with you every step of the restoration. We will begin with a introductory exam and consultation, during which you and your Oakland restorative dentist will decide on a course of treatment. You may receive several restorations, which will be administered during separate procedures to allow you to become accustomed to the new structures. These restorations may include:

Dental Implants – These titanium root replacements allow Dr. Ghassemi and team to replace entire missing teeth, closing gaps, restoring function and supporting the jawbone. Over time, the titanium material fuses with your natural bone to create a secure foundation for a tooth replacement. Dental implants may be paired with crowns, bridges, or partials to restore whole teeth. With appropriate aftercare, your implants could be with you for life, and will feel like an organic part of your mouth. Visit our dental implant page to learn more about the implant procedure.

Dental Crowns – If a tooth has lost a significant amount of structure to accident or decay, a dental crown replaces missing enamel and salvages the natural tooth. Porcelain crowns may be crafted in any shape or shade, fulfilling cosmetic hopes and blending crowns with natural teeth. Crowns are durable and able to bear the pressure of chewing and biting: they do everything a natural tooth does.

Dental Bridges – Are you missing several teeth but leery of the dental implant commitment? A dental bridge will replace teeth without root support. A bridge consists of two crowns bookending a false tooth (known as a pontic). When the crowns are bonded to neighboring natural teeth, the pontic securely bridges the gap between the teeth. This prevents shifting, restores chewing function, and fills out your smile.

Porcelain Veneers – Thin yet durable porcelain veneers mask chips, cracks, stains, and asymmetry in a smile. These wafer-thin porcelain shells are bonded to the surface of incisors to change your smile in nearly any way you choose. Porcelain veneers do not provide the structural support of crowns, but act as long-lasting cosmetic enhancements. By creating a new tooth surface, porcelain veneers correct minor cosmetic concerns.

Teeth Whitening – Though it may seem inconsequential, whitening a smile improves its appearance in an unparalleled way. By brightening your smile, you draw attention to your facial features and your excellent health. Whitening post-reconstruction will highlight your restored smile with just a single treatment.

Restorative dentistry will bring light, strength, and comfort back to your smile. If you’re hoping to reverse the effects of disease, time, or a dental mishap, please contact Dr. Ghassemi for a consultation. We can’t wait to complete your treatment and help you experience the joy of a smile made whole.

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