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The quality of your dental treatment lies in the skill level, compassion, and talent of your dentist. But there are a few factors that help our Oakland dentist provide especially superior dental care. Our team strives to stay up-to-date on fresh dental technologies so that we may pass their benefits along to our patients. Summit Dental Care makes use of several advanced tools that transform your treatment and make efficient, effective, and completely safe dental work your reality.

Dental Technology Available with our Oakland Dentist

Dental Lasers. Dental lasers approach tissue alteration in a completely different way from dental drills. One of the results of this is that they cause less discomfort. Laser treatment may even be performed without anesthesia in some cases. Incisions made with lasers heal more quickly, and lasers also cauterize as they cut to eliminate bacteria. Not yet convinced of the laser advantage? Consider this: lasers share none of the sounds of dental drills. If you’re anxious about dental treatment, you likely anticipate and fear the high whine of a drill. Lasers make only a quiet clicking sound as they work. Our Oakland dentist loves laser dentistry – and our patients do too!

Zeiss Microscope. This scope magnifies even the tiniest sites, simplifying tasks ranging from root canals to veneer placement. The Zeiss microscope allows us to ensure that our work is perfect – down to the smallest degree.

Planmeca X-Rays. These 3D x-rays allow our Oakland dentist to examine your teeth, jaws, and facial structure from every angle. By viewing multiple angles of your dental structures, we’re able to better plan dental implant placement, as well as establish the causes of oral problems. When we take an x-ray, we want it to be as comprehensive as possible. The digital format of these x-rays also makes them easy to fully explore and share with you and with your other healthcare professionals.

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