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oakland dentist welcome to Summit DentalWelcome to our Oakland dental practice’s new website! We’ll be posting weekly blog posts to help educate our patients on treatments available to them, ways to maintain excellent oral health, and other dental tips and tricks. Blogging is an important way to stay in touch with our patients and discuss things that may not come up during your regular dental exams. Our practice offers a wide range of services, and the specifics of treatment can be confusing. Visit this blog weekly for a bit of professional guidance. Educating yourself before beginning any kind of dental treatment will make the process more comfortable and enjoyable for you, and will build your relationship with your Oakland dentist.

Services Available from our Oakland Dentist at Summit Dental Care

Today, we’ve organized our services so that you may get a brief overview of all that our Oakland dentist has to offer you. If you don’t see a specific treatment listed that you’re interested in pursuing, don’t fret – give our office a call and we will likely be able to accommodate you, or recommend a trusted professional who can.

Cosmetic Dentistry Oakland

Our skilled team will create a gorgeous new smile that is perfect but still naturally you. With porcelain veneers, dental bonding, porcelain crowns, and teeth whitening, you smile can get the lift you desire.

Restorative Dentistry Oakland Dentist

Dental implants, crowns, bridges, and reconstruction of worn teeth will erase the signs of age and damage. Contemporary dental restorations are both attractive and have excellent function.

Oakland Orthodontics

We offer alternative methods for getting the straight smile you deserve. With Invisalign or Six Month Smiles, you will be able to quietly, quickly shift your front teeth to form a lovely new smile.

TMJ Therapy Oakland

Through the use of splint therapy to restrict and contain the movement of the temporomandibular joint, we will bring you relief from jaw pain and facial pain.

Dental Implants Oakland Dentist

Dental implants replace tooth roots to bring you the stablest possible foundation for new dental restorations. Our Oakland dentist is able to both place your implants and work with you through the following restorative process (as you receive crowns, bridges, or dentures).

Oakland Oral Surgery

We are able to perform both standard extractions and complex wisdom teeth extractions.

Root Canals Oakland Dentist

Have you struggled with the pain and frustration of an infected tooth? Your root canal with Summit Dental will be comfortable and effective.

Periodontal Treatments Oakland

Periodontal health is paramount to the stability and health of your teeth. With scaling, root planing, antibiotic placement, periodontal pocket treatment, and even gum surgery, we will return your gums to health and eradicate infection.

Dental Technology at Summit Dental

Our office is able to accomplish so much because we possess both skill and a number of advanced dental technologies. With the aid of dental lasers, the Zeiss microscope, and Planmeca cone beam x-rays, you treatment will proceed with ease.

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