Don’t Believe These Root Canal Myths

Oakland root canalFacing down endodontic therapy, and feeling like you want to run the other way? Your root canal isn’t going to be as bad as you imagine. Unfortunately, this procedure has become one of the most feared┬áby dental patients, and we’re not entirely sure why. What hasn’t helped is misinformation spread about what a root canal is really like. Instead of feeling nervous about these rumors, get the facts – we’ll help you break through some of the most persistent root canal myths.

Top Root Canal Myths

  • Root canals come with┬ácomplications – Because the root root is accessed during therapy, some patients assume that the tooth’s infection can be spread during treatment, leading to disease elsewhere in the body. With modern techniques and tools, the area is kept clean and the tooth is safe. If you take good care of your tooth during your healing, you’re not at risk for infection or complications.
  • Root canals take a long time – The entire procedure is actually surprisingly quick. Think of a root canal as a filling that just delves a little deeper into the tooth. Your root canal will be completed within a single appointment. If we need to perform root canals on multiple teeth, we may recommend splitting that into multiple appointments so that the process is more comfortable, but we’ll always take your preferences into account.
  • Root canals are painful – We will do everything possible to numb you completely before treatment, and offer sedation if you’re feeling anxious. Root canals relieve discomfort, and while you may be sore while healing, the ultimate result is achieving freedom from pain in the affected tooth.
  • An extraction is simpler – It’s always better to preserve your natural tooth. This helps ensure a long-lasting smile and sound oral health. No matter how well you replace a tooth, it will never be as good as a natural one.
  • Root canals are unnecessary unless you’re in pain – Advanced decay, infections, and abscesses can take hold without you experiencing pain. You may be surprised to learn that you need a root canal if you’re not noticing active discomfort, but that doesn’t mean it’s unnecessary.

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