During Pregnancy, Prioritize Your Oral Health

Pregnancy gingivitisWe know that you’re already drowning in daily responsibilities and special considerations during pregnancy. But it’s crucial that you make sure one of those is your oral health. When your pregnant, your hormones are constantly fluctuating, which leads to a heightened risk of gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). But by keeping your oral hygiene on track, setting up regular exams, and being mindful of your mouth, you can avoid pregnancy complications and dental disease.

Pregnant Women Aren’t Getting Proper Dental Care

Cigna released a survey in November that detailed the results of a nationwide survey of pregnant women. The findings weren’t positive – while 76% of women suffer from some kind of oral health problem during pregnancy, 43% never visit the dentist while they’re expecting. Why are they staying away from the office? Everyone’s reason is personal, but one of the biggest is the cost of dental care. Make sure that your health insurance during pregnancy covers regular exams so that you can avoid out-of-pocket costs. Pregnancy is also such a busy, full time that dental care just doesn’t always come up as a consideration.

We’re hoping to spread patient education and change that. Here’s what you should be doing during this special time to be sure that your gums stay in great shape:

  • Floss – Flossing removes bacteria from the spaces between your teeth, which a toothbrush can’t always reach. It also toughens your gums against irritants to prevent inflammation.
  • Get the right nutrients – Your diet affects your baby’s tooth development, which starts between months 3 and 6 of pregnancy. Eating low-sugar, low-starch foods will also create a healthy environment within your mouth and stifle disease.
  • Visit the dentist (often) – Depending on your risk of gum disease, we may want to see you more often than usual. It can be tricky to notice gingivitis on your own, so you can avoid that stress by putting your health in your dentist’s hands. We’ll notice even early signs of gingivitis and help you take action.
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