A Holiday Season without Tooth Decay

cavity free HalloweenHalloween’s coming up, and the annual holiday season is upon us – and with it, indulgences galore. But how can you make sure that your (and your children’s) partaking in sweets and treats won’t result in less-than-healthy teeth? Fortunately, not all candy is created equal, and embracing a few healthy habits during these busy months will help you avoid decay, dental emergencies, and other oral woes.

If you ever feel like all that sugar has gotten the better of you, just give us a call to set up an exam. The earlier you tackle that cavity, the better!

Getting Through the Holidays without Forming Cavities

  • Choose chocolate – Because it’s milk-based, chocolate melts away more quickly than other candies. This makes it a safer choice than hard or sticky candies, which are more likely to become lodged between teeth (and stay there). Chocolate may also have antibacterial qualities that help boost the mouth’s defenses.
  • Eat sweets with a meal – When eating a meal, your mouth produces more saliva. This cleansing agent helps wash away bacteria and acids, and prevents decay. Have your kids eat their Halloween candy as a dessert instead of at isolated moments throughout the day to benefit from this extra saliva production.
  • Drink plenty of water – Like saliva, water washes away acids and helps protect your teeth (plus, it keeps you hydrated, which is always a good thing).
  • Don’t overlook oral hygiene – Although your family’s schedule is usually abnormal during the holiday season, make sure your kids remember to brush and floss. Clean your own teeth alongside them to keep them on track (and show them that you’re adhering to the same rules!).
  • Find creative uses for uneaten candy – Once Halloween is over and your children are tired of their candy, they’re more likely to keep eating it just because it’s there. Here’s some┬ásome candy repurposing inspiration┬áthat your kids will be able to get behind.
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