Invisalign vs Six Month Smiles

Oakland adult orthodontics

Seeking orthodontic treatment as an adult? We’re sure that you have certain things you’re expecting to get out of treatment. It’s a big decision to straighten your teeth, and the results are going to be well worth the effort. But shouldn’t treatment also be as unrestrictive as possible? Alternative orthodontic treatment makes it possible to realign your teeth without compromising your diet, habits, or confidence level. Summit Dental offers both Invisalign and Six Month Smiles for patients seeking orthodontic treatment without the hassles of braces. Depending on your bite and preferences, one or the other could be better for you.

Candidates for Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles offers speedy, subtle straightening. Patients with slightly crooked front teeth, or a single tooth they’re hoping to shift, will find that Six Month Smiles accomplishes all they need. Treatment should be completed in less than one year – faster than Invisalign. At the same time, the clear wires and brackets won’t be very noticeable to others. If you don’t have a serious malocclusion and are seeking fast results, Six Month Smiles could be the right treatment.

The Ideal Invisalign Patient

If your crooked teeth are too involved for Six Month Smiles, don’t worry – Invisalign could still be possible. Invisalign treatment is able to shift both front and back teeth, and its clear, plastic aligners are incredibly discrete. If you stay on track and switch to new aligners at the instructed intervals, your treatment could be complete within a year (although most cases require 14-16 months). Because Invisalign trays are removable, you won’t need to alter your diet or your oral hygiene – simply clean your teeth after eating and before replacing them.

Looking for orthodontic treatment that doesn’t cause frustration? Get in touch to learn more about your adult orthodontic options.

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