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While your teeth may not seem delicate, their physical nature (with pulp and sensitive tissues protected by only a thin layer of enamel) and proximity to your brain make them a sensitive part of your body. For this reason, we try to be as conservative as possible when working on your teeth. We’ve adopted cutting-edge dental technology into our practice so that we can known exactly what’s going on in your mouth, and then treat problems as efficiently as possible. With digital imaging, 3D x-rays, and dental lasers, Summit Dental handles your dental treatment in the most effective yet patient-friendly way.

Dental Technology at Summit Dental in Oakland

  • Digital imaging – Digital x-rays have quite a number of advantages over standard x-rays. They require less radiation to take, are available immediately without the delay of photo development, can be easily shared among dentists and between dentist and patient, and are incredibly detailed and specific. Digital x-rays make our job easier, and your x-ray experience more comfortable.


  • Cone beam x-rays – Whereas an x-ray takes an image of a single plane, 3D x-rays take panoramic images of the jaws and skull. These x-rays are incredibly helpful in planning treatment, especially for complex procedures like root canals or wisdom teeth extractions. We’re able to plan exactly how tissue will react to treatment, and deliver highly predictable results.


  • Zeiss microscope – The Zeiss scope magnifies and details images of work that we need to ensure is precisely done. Veneer placement and root canals are made simpler with the Zeiss scope. We will know that the veneer is precisely lined up with your gum line, and that all infected tooth pulp is removed.


  • Dental lasers – Laser dentistry reinvents procedures typically performed with a dental drill. To learn more about the heightened comfort level and effectiveness of laser dental treatment, visit our Dental Technology page.

Experience Digital Dental Care in Oakland

If you’re interested in dental care that combines contemporary technology with natural dental skill, please get in touch with our office to schedule your next procedure.

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