Oakland Dentist Answers: What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Oakland dentist full mouth reconstructionThe phrase “full mouth reconstruction” may be a little intimidating. It sounds intense because it tackles the full scope of your teeth and the state of your oral health. Full mouth reconstruction will restore every area of your mouth to health – gums, teeth, and any other parts that may be in need of treatment (like the TMJ). Depending on your mouth, reconstruction can entail a wide range of different procedures and vary in length. Our Oakland dentist is skilled in both restorative procedures and esthetics, and will restore your teeth in a way that is functional but still beautiful. Read on to learn more about just what full mouth reconstruction entails, and whether it could be right for your teeth.

Steps Involved in Full Mouth Reconstruction with our Oakland Dentist

These are the general steps that will be involved in a typical full mouth reconstruction. Depending on your case, certain steps may be more involved or not present at all.

  1. Extraction. Should you have teeth that are damaged or decayed beyond help, they will need to be extracted so that they do not infect other teeth, your gums, or your jaw bone. Teeth that are extracted will be replaced by dental implants or other restorations.
  2. Healing. If you have gingivitis or periodontal disease, your gums will need to be treated and given time to heal before we place restorations.
  3. Restoration. Our Oakland dentist will place appropriate dental restorations to rebuild your teeth.
  4. Monitoring. After your treatment is complete, we will ensure that the restorations are a success and your new smile stands strong.

The full mouth reconstruction procedure¬†typically consists of a number of different procedures, specific to your case. In simpler cases where a smile has become worn but the teeth haven’t been truly damaged, we may employ only dental bonding and crowns. But more complex cases can involve months of multiple procedures. If your smile is worn, discolored, damaged, or just not making you happy in any way, please contact our Oakland dentist for a consultation. We’ll discuss what we could do for your teeth and introduce you to the reconstruction process.

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