Is Full Mouth Reconstruction For Me?

Oakland full mouth reconstructionIn order to answer the question in the title, you’ll need to consider the state of your teeth. Have the passing years and forces caused them to become worn or damaged? Is your smile less satisfying than it once was? Are you happy showing off your grin, and do you smile easily? If your teeth aren’t what they once were, dental rehabilitation could put a spring back in your step.

Full mouth reconstruction is the partner of the smile makeover. While a smile makeover tackles the task of remaking a smile, changing it in any way, full mouth rehab restores teeth to their youthful glory. If your teeth have become worn, stained, cracked, chipped, or damaged in any way, a variety of treatments will repair them beautifully and in a natural-looking way.

Your Full Mouth Rehabilitation

There are a number of dental treatments that could come in handy for your personal restoration. Depending on exactly what has changed about your teeth, our Oakland team may recommend any or several of the following:

  • Dental bondingBonding is the lightest-weight restorative technique, but it can still be quite useful. Front teeth that are lacking structure or enamel may be remade with dental composite. It’s applied directly to your teeth and shaped chairside, so bonding is complete within one appointment.
  • Dental crownsCrowns supply damaged teeth with new structure. Also called tooth caps, they surround your remaining natural teeth and strengthen the area. Porcelain crowns are durable without sacrificing appearance.
  • Porcelain veneers – V-shaped restorations that fit over damaged teeth, veneers are more delicate than crowns, making them appropriate for chipped, stained, short, or weakened front teeth.
  • Dental implantsImplants replace missing tooth roots to become stable accompaniments for restorations. Those missing teeth find implant-supported restorations are the most natural-feeling and secure.
  • Bridges – Bridges permanently replace missing teeth by drawing on the strength of neighboring structures.

Rebuilding Worn Teeth in Oakland

Any level of tooth wear merits treatment if it makes you feel insecure about your smile. Get in touch with Summit Dental today to begin setting up a treatment plan.

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