Prematurely Aging Smile? Learn Why It Looks Older Than You

Oakland cosmetic dentist We all do our best to look young. When your appearance is fresh, you feel more youthful on the inside. But time continues to take its toll on our looks, and some changes are easier to effect than others. What if we told you that a little cosmetic dentistry could shave years off your face?

Your smile plays an important part in establishing an idea of your age. If it’s looking worn, stained, or damaged, it could actually be adding time to your appearance. By focusing on the right factors, even gentle cosmetic treatment can make a significant difference. Read on for some of the visual tells that point to aging, and the corresponding treatments that correct them.

How Beautiful Teeth Play a Role in Your Visual Age

Your teeth should act as a personal tool – one that helps you feel confident and look great. But while your teeth can handle some level of damage, they’re not impenetrable to all forces. Your enamel may be the strongest material in the human body, but it can still weaken and show signs of distress. Once these signs have built up, your entire smile will look older and unkempt.

Oakland cosmetic dentistIt’s tough to look at your teeth objectively; you see them every day, so gradual changes don’t always jump out at you. Enlisting the help of a dentist will allow you to see them through another’s eyes. In the meantime, look for the following top signs of smile age to decide whether rejuvenation is the best bet:

  • Stains or discoloration – A white smile is the most important factor in determining the appeal of someone’s appearance. It’s frequently cited as the most important facial feature during formation of first impressions, and sets the tone for your interactions. Unfortunately, it’s not rare for teeth to become stained. Your enamel is porous, and staining compounds can become lodged in its tiny openings. These compounds come from dark foods and drinks and habits like tobacco use. As the stains build up, they may create patches of discoloration, or darken your entire smile.
  • Chips – Teeth become chipped for so many reasons: excessive force, physical trauma, broken dental work… the list goes on. And once a chip is in place, the affected tooth looks like it has seen an undue level of damage. This points to exaggerated age.
  • Worn enamel – Enamel can become worn as a result of ongoing grinding or routinely drinking acidic beverages. As the tooth’s structure wears away, your smile looks smaller and less full. The overall effect is one of unfairly advanced age gain.
  • Severe asymmetry – An asymmetrical smile like crowded, cramped, and poorly cared-for. The smile can also look rough or jagged, and older than it really is.
  • Shifting teeth – Because teeth often shift as a result of missing tooth, this look has come to be synonymous with age.

Cosmetic Dental Rejuvenation in Oakland

Looking to smooth out a few of these problems? Summit Dental offers cosmetic treatments that range from minor to more involved. Some of them may be right for your teeth, and they may not require a big commitment. A few anti-aging dental treatments include:

If you think any of these procedures could offer something to your smile, we would love to tell you more. Let’s work together to renew your smile, and help your appearance reflect a youthful vitality. Get in touch with Summit Dental to talk with a member of our team and schedule a cosmetic consultation.

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