Oakland Dentist Removes Signs of Periodontal Disease From A Smile

Oakland dentist periodontal treatment

After you’ve struggled with periodontal disease, your gums and teeth may have experienced some changes. Because gum disease attacks both hard and soft tissues, your teeth may have decayed and your gum line may have receded or become swollen. No matter the changes to your dental health, our Oakland dentist is prepared to return you to a whole and healthy state. With a variety of periodontal treatments for different levels of disease, our practice can handle even significant periodontal changes. After restorative dental work, you will again be able to show your smile with pride.

Periodontal Treatments to Restore Teeth and Gums | Oakland Dentist

While your periodontium will be unique and require a certain combination of treatments, we have listed the most common below so that you can begin to understand what your periodontal therapy may be like.

Scaling and Root Planing – A more intense version of what happens during a standard cleaning, scaling and root planing remove plaque and bacteria from tooth surfaces and root surfaces. This helps fight gingivitis and periodontitis and prevent them from returning.

Soft Tissue Graft – If you have experienced prolonged periodontal disease, you may have experienced gum recession. This can result in a changed smile you may not like. A soft tissue graft will restore gums to the area, taking away tissue from another healthy area of your mouth.

Bone Graft – Periodontal disease can lead to disintegration of the jaw bone below the affected area, around the tooth root. A bone graft will restore bone mass and make the area ready for a dental implant if you are replacing a missing tooth.

Pocket Reduction – Periodontitis forms deposits of bacteria between your teeth and gums. These pockets can be unsightly and uncomfortable, and are prone to further infection. Pocket reduction surgery will close these areas.

Dental Crowns – If your tooth structure decays and is compromised by periodontal disease, a crown will restore tooth above the gum line.

Dental Implants – Should gum disease destroy a tooth root and cause you to lose the tooth, a dental implant will replace that root and support a restoration.

Has your smile been changed by disease? Don’t feel shame or hide it a moment longer. Visit our Oakland dentist to be welcomed with open arms and receive periodontal treatment.

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