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Oakland dental implants dentures

Dentures often get a bad reputation. While their main purpose is to provide you peace of mind by acting as your teeth, ill-fitting or loose dentures just don’t accomplish this. Some patients experience such frustration with dentures that they give up and seek alternate treatment, or allow the spaces left by missing teeth to remain empty. We’re hoping to help you find a way to wear dentures but still feel comfortable and confident. For many patients, those feelings are made reality when they pair dentures with dental implants.

Oakland Dental Implants Support Dentures

Even if dentures are well-made and carefully fitted to your jaws, there’s still a chance of them feeling less secure than you would like. Only dental implants actually anchor dentures to your jaws so that they aren’t loose in your mouth.

Dental implants are tooth root replacements that screw into your jaw bone. As they remain in your jaws, the screws’ titanium osseointegrates with your bone. This results in the implants developing a secure connection with your jaws. Because implants establish this stable bond, they act as incredible foundations for restorations.

Implants may support dentures on the upper and lower jaws. They work with full dentures and partial dentures, as well as bridges and dental crowns. No matter your restoration, the extra structure and security of an implant is always welcome.

Am I a candidate for Oakland dental implants?

In order to receive implants, you must be

  • In excellent oral health
  • In strong periodontal health
  • In possession of adequate bone mass for the implant to attach


If you aren’t quite ready for an implant, we’ll work with you until your mouth is primed for a successful implant placement. Whether that means periodontal treatment, frequent cleanings, a change in oral hygiene practices or products, or even bone grafts, there are nearly always steps you can take to make yourself an implant candidate. We’re here to help; let us know if you would like to discuss implant possibilities.

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