Visualize Your Smile Makeover

It’s one thing to imagine your perfect smile, and another entirely to see it brought to life. But getting that kind of inspiration can be key for patients hesitating to start cosmetic treatment. Altering your smile will change your life significantly – and transform you in more than just a physical fashion. Your moods, confidence level, and the way you approach the world will take cues from your gorgeous new grin.

If you’ve been considering cosmetic dentistry, scroll down to see a few of the smiles made possible by treatment with our Oakland team. Ready to talk about your own teeth? Schedule a consultation to take the first step.

 Porcelain Veneers – Whiten, Straighten, Lengthen

Oakland porcelain veneers

Veneers are incredibly versatile, and are appropriate for so many different patient needs. This patient’s front teeth were discolored, worn, and slightly crooked, with old dental work adding bulk. Getting back to basics, we removed this work and started fresh with porcelain veneers. Gentle adjustments led to completely natural-looking incisors that blend seamlessly with the rest of the smile.

 Invisalign – Straighten without Metal Braces

Oakland Invisalign

Adults don’t have the time or lifestyles that leave room for metal braces. But what about those patients with crooked teeth? They shouldn’t have to put up with smiles that make them feel uncomfortable or lead them to hide their teeth behind their hands. Invisalign will straighten your teeth without obvious orthodontia. Simply switch to new aligners on schedule to see a straighter, happier smile.

 Full Mouth Reconstruction – Regain Health and Function

Oakland full mouth reconstruction

When teeth become worn or damaged, they can’t work the way they should. This leads to additional dental problems, pain, sensitivity, and general frustration. A collection of appropriate restorative treatments will rebuild the appearance of your smile while also repairing the issues that led to the tooth wear/trauma. You’ll be amazed by how your teeth look, feel, and function.

Don’t live your life with teeth that leave you wanting. Get in touch today for a consultation.

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