Why Adults are Loving Orthodontic Treatment

Oakland adult orthodontic treatmentSmiling during orthodontic treatment? It really is possible!

We know that straightening your teeth doesn’t seem like a whole lot of fun. Between the frequent trips to your dentist’s office, the tender teeth, and the restricted diet and activities, there are a lot of patient demands. But what if you could find a way to straighten without all the strife? Adult orthodontics offer patients a different path. With subtler orthodontia, you can find your perfect smile without showing off a mouth filled with metal.

A less noticeable appearance isn’t the only benefit of these alternative treatments. Keep reading to learn just why they fit patient needs so well, and whether you might be ready to try for yourself. Schedule a free consultation to meet with our staff and talk specifics – there’s no commitment necessary, and nothing to lose.

 Straighten Teeth While Still Smiling

At Summit Dental Care, we offer both Six Month Smiles and Invisalign. They accommodate different patient needs, and we’ll recommend the treatment option that fits you properly. Six Month Smiles is best for patients who have properly-aligned bites but crooked front teeth, and uses ceramic brackets to straighten visible teeth quickly. Invisalign allows for more complex cases, realigning your bite and resolving a wide array of occlusal problems.

No matter which treatment you undergo, you’ll notice significant differences from traditional metal braces:

  • Fewer appointments – The less often you need to visit the office, the more time you can spend living your life. Treatment with Invisalign is more streamlined because multiple sets of aligners are dispensed at once. That way, you can switch to your new trays on your own. We’ll still need to see you regularly to monitor your progress, but you won’t be on a traditional braces appointment schedule.
  • More comfortable process – With alternative orthodontics, patient needs are a major priority. Invisalign trays are completely removable, so your regular diet and oral hygiene go undisturbed. Six Month Smiles employs attached brackets, so you do need to alter your eating, but since they focus on the front teeth there’s much less soreness after adjustments. Either way, you’re feeling good throughout.
  • “Invisible” orthodontics – While clear brackets and plastic aligners take a big step toward completely clear straightening, they can still be noticeable to those who take a close look at your teeth. But the fact that they have to take a close look is a big deal – for those you meet, orthodontic treatment won’t be the first thing they notice. Instead, they’ll pay attention to who you are and not write you off as adolescent or get distracted by your braces.

Sound right up your alley? Reach out today! A straighter smile awaits.

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