Dealing with Jaw Pain? You Deserve Relief

Oakland jaw painIf you’re in pain, you’re not yourself. And long-term chronic discomfort will end up making you feel like a completely different person. You become irritable, frustrated, and exhausted – and that’s not what you deserve from daily life. Too many patients put up with ongoing jaw pain because they don’t know how to approach it and determine the cause. Our Oakland team can help you find relief.

Learning more about the common causes of jaw pain, and also undergoing an examination, will help you understand what could be leading to your daily twinges or tired-feeling jaw. Schedule a consultation today to get the help you need.

 Common Causes of Jaw Pain

  • Teeth grinding – Bruxism affects countless adults, who clench and grind their teeth without ever realizing it. How does this happen? We brux at night, so we don’t notice what our jaws are up to – instead, we just experience the consequences. If you’re grinding regularly, there are visual tells in your mouth (flattened enamel on your occlusal surface, receding gums, broken or chipped dental work). All you need to do is schedule an exam, and your dentist will recognize these signs and create a custom mouth guard. The guard will fit over your teeth perfectly and help prevent future enamel damage or harmful jaw movements.
  • Jaw inflammation – Arthritis can occur in the jaw, leading to discomfort and swelling. Ongoing problems can lead to a TMJ disorder, which will impact the jaw joint and increase the likelihood of future pain and damage. We’ll help you immobilize the lower jaw and soothe the area, and break bad jaw habits.
  • Dental problems – A cavity, an abscess, or gum disease can cause oral pain that radiates near the jaw joints. Treating the underlying problem will heal your mouth and also remove the source of the discomfort. This is one reason why it’s wise to see a dentist when you’re noticing jaw pain – the cause could be a dental problem best-addressed with prompt care.
  • Infection – A type of infection called osteomyelitis travels through the bloodstream, impacting the bone and other neighboring tissues. If your jaw is affected, being prescribed antibiotics will help address the problem.
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