Keeping Your Family’s Teeth Safe this Summer

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When your kids suit up for sports, are they adding a mouth guard to their protective gear?

While it may not feel like it at times, summer is on the way. This means a ton of changes to your family’s daily life, the most marked being an increase in physical activity. When your kids are heading out onto the field, are they wearing mouth guards?

Athletic mouth guards aren’t necessary for every sport, but they’re always a good idea. If there’s a chance of your child (or yourself!) taking a blow to the mouth during an activity, then we heartily recommend a guard. If you’re at a loss as to how you can get one, read on for some tips on why they’re so effective, and the types of mouth guards available. It’s time to respect your teeth and make your smile really last!

Benefits of Mouth Guards

  • Tooth protection – Sure, your enamel is incredibly strong, but it’s not able to withstand unnatural forces. When an elbow, bat, or ball smacks your teeth during a game, your teeth are prone to crack, chip, or worse. By putting a foam guard over your teeth, you protect them from disaster.
  • Lowered risk of concussionOngoing studies have shown that athletes who wear custom-made mouth guards have a lowered risk of concussion after taking a blow to the head or mouth. Why take the risk?
  • Reduced chance of a dental emergency – The last thing you want is to be running to the emergency room or the dentist’s office at the last minute. Prevent emergencies and keep your teeth sound and whole with a guard.

Types of Athletic Mouth Guards

You have a few options when it comes to guards. Stock mouth protectors and boil and bite guards are available at drugstores. But custom mouth guards are the best way to protect your teeth from harm. These guards are more comfortable, far more effective, and longer-lasting. Get in touch to learn more about getting one of your own!

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