Reduce Stress, Boost Your Oral Health

reduce stress for oral health

Feeling stressed out? While it’s tough to pinpoint the specific connection between anxiety and physical well-being, we experience the ramifications of stress on a daily basis. And they extend to your teeth. When you’re feeling anxious, you tend to clench your muscles, leading to teeth grinding and potential jaw disorders.

When you’re stressed, you’re not yourself. You shouldn’t have to deal with the physical pain that can accompany stress-related dental problems. We can help you break this cycle of anxiety, and move forward in your life. Accomplish your daily goals, without succumbing to stress and the issues it brings.

How Stress Leads to Dental Problems

Teeth grinding is a common problem among adults, and it can be tough for patients to spot on their own. Since grinding occurs during periods of focused concentration or during sleep, we don’t always realize that our teeth are up to no good. The longer we spend grinding our teeth, the more we risk cracking or chipping our teeth/dental work, causing our gums to recede, and developing jaw problems from the unnecessary and repetitive muscle movement.

Ways to Prevent Teeth Grinding

If you suspect that you might be grinding your teeth, schedule an appointment with our Oakland dental practice. Our dentists will be able to spot signs of grinding right away, and suggest a path forward that will protect your teeth and treat your bruxism. We’re also specialized in treatment of TMJ problems, so we can help improve jaw disorders that may have arisen from chronic grinding.

Our general recommendations for lowering your stress and protecting your teeth include:

  • Get a custom mouth guard
  • Drinks lots of water and green tea
  • Focus on relaxation, especially before bedtime

Just get in touch with any questions about managing your own stress. We’re always here to help!

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