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Is your jaw feeling a little off? When you’re waking up with facial discomfort, an exhausted jaw, and sore teeth, it’s a sign that something larger is at hand. And if these sensations are ongoing, it’s crucial that you react. So many of us accept chronic pain as an inevitability – but the longer it continues, the greater an impact it has on your life. Whether you realize it or not, your daily habits and experiences aren’t as enjoyable as they once were. You aren’t yourself when you’re in pain – so it’s time to get things back to normal.

Jaw disorders are a common cause of jaw pain: over 10 million Americans are affected. Disorders are tricky to diagnose, and stem from any number of causes. It’s key that make your dentist privy to your jaw pain, so that you can find relief quickly and in the correct way. Read on for some patient education on the jaw joint, and schedule an appointment to seek treatment. Soon, you’ll be waking up feeling great, and your jaw will be functioning normally.

What is TMJ / TMD?

The TMJ is the jaw joint (located on both sides of the face, below and slightly in front of the ears). Many patients also use TMJ to refer to the blanket group of disorders that can befall those joints.

jaw pain Oakland

This infographic mentions that TMJ can occasionally be treated at home – and this is true for some patients. If the cause of the aggravation is stress, learning to relax and alleviate chronic grinding (aka bruxism) will help give your jaw a rest.

But if the pain has been present for some time, or seems to appear in cycles, then there’s a larger diagnosis to address. Don’t leave your health to chance – get in touch today to get your jaw checked out.

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