Dental Implants Change Your Smile (And Your Life)

Oakland dental implants Been feeling a little bit down lately? If your smile is in disrepair, we’re willing to bet that’s part of the cause for the blues. Without a full grin, you can’t enjoy the normal life that you deserve. Basic actions like speaking, eating, and general communication become ongoing struggles. Above all else, you lose a great deal of the confidence that fuels your daily life. When your smile isn’t there to back you up, you’re missing out.

So what’s the solution?¬†Whether you’ve tried superficial tooth replacement in the past, or are embarking on a restorative journey for the first time, we’d love to talk Oakland dental implants. These titanium screws replace missing tooth roots. Once they’re integrated with the bone tissue, they stand on their own, providing support for accompanying restorations.

Because dental implants are so natural in look and feel, they don’t detract from your daily life. Instead, they create a new smile with which you’re completely comfortable. If you’re interested in the kind of dental work that never gives itself away, then implants are the right choice. Read on to learn a little more about how they could change your own life.

Missing Teeth and Depression

It’s no exaggeration – missing teeth can lead to depression, or intensify already present depression. It all stems from the change in your confidence level that we mentioned earlier. When your smile isn’t intact, you don’t feel as good about yourself – and your daily life suffers.

Additionally, the kind anxiety that can trigger depression can cause you to lose additional teeth. The fear of social interaction or the dentist’s office makes you put off dental exams, allowing problems with cavities or plaque to build. If the issues grow, you could eventually lose teeth – making you even more self conscious about the situation.

Don’t let yourself fall into this trap. You should never feel embarrassed by your state of oral health or the look of your smile. Our team offers treatment without any kind of judgement. We’re your allies, not your enemies. And Oakland dental implants may be just the tool you need to restore your youthful, healthy teeth.

Oakland Dental Implants Rebuild Your Smile – From the Ground Up

Oakland dental implantsThe best dental treatments take a comprehensive approach. They reach below the gum line to create new sources of support for restorations. One reason we’re so crazy about dental implants is the way they connect with your jaw bones. While other restorations depend on neighboring teeth for support, implants create their very own. This limits stress on adjacent teeth, and ensures long-lasting restorations.

A few of implants’ other unique benefits include:

  • Integration with natural tissues – Implants are made of titanium, a material that is compatible with our bone tissue. After the implant has been placed, the titanium begins connecting with the bone, leading to a remarkable framework that will support crowns, bridges, partials, or dentures.
  • Unparalleled restoration lifespans – Because of the way implants fuse to the jaw, if they heal successfully, then they’ll remain in place for decades. With proper care, some patients even see the prostheses lasting the rest of their lives.
  • Ongoing support post-healing – After you’ve finished the implant healing process, you won’t need to visit for frequent check-ups. Once we’re certain the implants have safely healed, you’ll be ready to get back to life as usual.


Oakland dental implants have brought joy and dental security into so many of our patients’ lives. Those exhausted by ill-fitting, loose dentures find implants to be the answer they’ve been looking for. Whether you wear dentures, or are looking for something less involved, let’s talk implants as a possibility. Connect with us today.

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