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Oakland restorative dentistAs the years go by, things change. We’re all aware of this; but we’re not all keyed in to exactly what these changes are. At some point, the oral hygiene you once found effective against disease isn’t going to cut it.

There are ways to ensure that you stay on top of your aging mouth, and keep your oral health stellar throughout the decades. The first step is maintaining a close relationship with your dentist. A trained eye will spot signs of impending problems before they become serious, and recommend when restorative dental work is the appropriate step.

Staying in Touch with Your Oral Health

Healthy teeth and gums build so much more than just a beautiful smile. With excellent dental health, you stand a better chance of avoiding larger, more serious systemic problems. You also remain happier and more confident, aided by the comfort and self-esteem that a full mouth of teeth provides. You remain able to speak and eat easily, and feel more like your younger self.

Unfortunately, dental health can suffer in your later years. With age comes a number of health problems, and there are certain concerns that are tooth- and gum- specific. Some of these include:

  1. Dry mouth – While it may not seem like a key player in oral health, your saliva is super important. It washes bacteria from your teeth and helps keep acids from causing decay or gum irritation. Without adequate saliva, you may struggle to eat and speak. If you wear dentures, they will also feel uncomfortable and rub against the gums. Dry mouth is caused by many medications, nerve damage, and as a side effect of other disease.
  2. Increased chance of cavities and gum disease – As your mouth ages, it loses some resilience. When combined with dry mouth, this can lead to a heightened risk of developing disease.
  3. Oral cancer – Older patients are far more likely to have oral cancer. Tobacco use, alcohol use, and other diseases intensify the chance of developing cancerous oral tissues.

Oral Hygiene for Seniors

As you age, your oral hygiene needs to evolve. With your changing dental needs, your brushing and flossing need to keep up. At the same time, you may struggle to keep your teeth clean due to outside factors. Some patients also struggle to brush and floss properly, due to weak hands or problems with arthritis.

Fortunately, modern dental products have you covered. With all the developments in patient-friendly products, there are tools that will help you clean your teeth without straining. If you’re uncomfortable using standard floss or a toothbrush, ask your dentist about an electric toothbrush, floss holder, or water flosser. There’s something out there that will make your oral hygiene a breeze.

Is It Time to Find Restorative Dentistry in Oakland?

Oakland restorative dentistIf you’re missing a tooth, there are countless reasons to replace it. You improve your oral health, happiness, functionality, and confidence. Even more exciting: you prevent myriad future dental problems. By replacing a tooth, you stand a greater chance of preserving your remaining teeth.

Between dental implants, dentures, bridges, and partials, there are so many options for patients with holes in their smiles. Dr. Ghassemi will meet with you and discuss your restorative goals, make a detailed evaluation of your mouth, and then recommend a treatment plan. The end result will be a whole, happy, healthy smile.

Restorative dentistry is right for any patient with a damaged smile. If something about your teeth is uncomfortable, unappealing, or functioning poorly, then it’s time to begin a conversation. Get in touch with Summit Dental today.

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