Closing Gap Teeth

Oakland gap teeth

Have you ever felt uncomfortable about the spacing of your front teeth? Even worse, were you once satisfied, but have experienced growing spacing in recent years? It’s frustrating when our teeth change, but there are steps we can take to remedy the situation. Gaps between teeth are an especially manageable aesthetic concern. Diastamas (said gaps) are manageable with a simple bonding treatment, completed in a single appointment. If that’s not sufficient for your case, our Oakland team will find an alternate treatment, whether it be Six Month Smiles or porcelain veneers. No matter your dental needs, we will find a solution!

Diastemas and Oral Health

Closing gaps between teeth is not always necessary for your health, but anything that prevents you from smiling freely is a problem. Countless patients feel uncomfortable about their gaps, and hide their teeth from the world. Moreover, if your gaps have formed during your adult years, there may be a corresponding larger issue that you need to consider:

  • Changing occlusion – Teeth shifting could change your bite. Once properly-aligned jaws may become ill-fitting, leading to enamel wear, TMJ problems, and discomfort.
  • Gingivitis or periodontitis – If you’ve had issue with gum disease, your gums may have pulled away from your teeth or receded. This creates spaces at the gum line. Catching signs of periodontal disease allows you to seek treatment ASAP.
  • Poor oral habits – Consistent tongue thrusting against your front teeth will eventually push teeth away from one another.

Dental Bonding Closes Gaps Between Teeth

Composite bonding adds tooth-colored material to teeth that are lacking in any way. A simple bonding treatment could close a tooth gap within one hour. Don’t worry – your teeth will still be separate, and you’ll be able to floss between them.

If spaces between your teeth have been limiting your smiles or activities, get in touch with our Oakland practice to talk options at (510) 992-6887.

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