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Oakland cosmetic dentistry change your smileModern cosmetic dental techniques have removed limits from our smiles. If there is a change you would like to make to your teeth, it can be done – with as little discomfort, and in as short a time as possible. Our Oakland dental practice offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic dental treatments in-office so that you may change your smile without needing to visit another doctor. Don’t put aside hopes for your ideal smile out of a fear that those changes are impossible. We will work alongside you to bring them to life. This blog post should act as an incentive to finally resolve that part of your smile that has always made you unhappy. Check out our guide to cosmetic dental changes to get some ideas for your treatment, then discuss them with our dentists to set up a treatment plan.

Guide to Oakland Cosmetic Dentistry – What You Can Change About Your Teeth

Below, we’ve listed common aesthetic concerns followed by potential treatments to restore the offending teeth:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth – Small chips and cracks add up to make us feel self-conscious about our smiles. Yours can be resolved with simple dental bonding, which can be completed in one treatment. If the damage goes beyond a superficial level, a porcelain veneer will create a new outer layer for the tooth.
  • Broken teeth – Broken teeth can give way to infection or greater damage, necessitating an eventual root canal. A porcelain crown will embrace the remaining tooth and protect it from further trauma.
  • Stained teeth – While teeth whitening is enough for some teeth, sometimes the stains are too severe to lighten. In that case, porcelain veneers will permanently whiten by acting as a new layer of enamel.
  • Short teeth – Like chipped teeth, short front teeth can be lengthened with dental bonding or porcelain veneers.
  • Teeth with large cavities – Rather than wait for an already weakened tooth to succumb to more damage, place a dental crown to protect it from harm.
  • Crooked teeth – Metal braces aren’t the only answer to a crooked bite; Invisalign treatment will straighten teeth without showing itself to the world.
  • Missing teeth – Replace missing teeth and refill your smile with dental implants and the accompanying dental restorations that suit you best.

Our Oakland dental team is so excited to work with you! If you’re considering any kind of cosmetic dentistry, please get in touch.

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