Steps of Full Mouth Reconstruction

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Full mouth reconstruction isn’t the beast its name may suggest. A combination of restorative procedures, its ultimate goal is to return youthfulness, vitality, and strength to your smile. Full mouth rehabilitation is right for anyone who feels that his or her smile has seen the effects of time. Summit Dental’s talented restorative team will guide you through the process that best suits your needs. Whether you’re restoring one, several, or all of your teeth, there are appropriate treatments that will allow you to rebuild teeth in comfort.

Restorative Dentistry Consultation in Oakland

You’ll start off the restorative process with a consultation. You’ll spend most of this initial appointment discussing your goals with your dentist. Your teeth will also be examined, and x-rays┬átaken, to get to the root of the problem and choose treatments that will prevent recurring damage. In order to proceed with treatment, you’ll need to answer a few questions:

  • Which aesthetic changes would you like to make? What about your smile leaves you less than satisfied? Restorative treatments take both appearance and function into account. If necessary, we’ll supplement your full mouth reconstruction with cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening. Your restorations may also be made so that they change your smile in specific ways.
  • Which functional changes would you like to make? Are your teeth highly sensitive? Are you missing a tooth, and struggling to perform basic chewing tasks? Restorative dentistry aims to remake your dental function and strengthen your entire mouth, but guidance will help it to result in the right changes.
  • What needs to be changed to improve your oral health? Answering this question is largely the responsibility of your dentist. With restorative expertise, Dr. Ghassemi or another ┬ámember of our team will recommend a path that will result in superb oral health.

Tooth Preparation and Impressions

If you’re receiving restorations, your teeth will need to be prepared. We will reduce the target teeth as necessary, then take impressions of the area so that your restorations will fit perfectly. If your tooth prep changes your smile, we will put temporary restorations in place to protect the natural structure and keep your teeth whole. Your dentist will instruct you as to proper care for your temporary crown or veneer.

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Restoration Placement

Once your restorations have been fabricated in our dental lab, you’ll return to the office. We will place the restorations and bond them to your teeth. Dr. Ghassemi will make any subtle modifications necessary to lend your restorations a natural appearance and feel. Once they are in place, your smile will be entirely rehabilitated.

Potential Treatment Variations

If you have cavities or periodontal disease, treatment will be necessary before you begin the restorative process. Should you need an extraction or root canal, we will ensure you receive excellent, healing care. Once your mouth is healthy, then we’ll be able to begin rebuilding your teeth.

Those missing teeth may also be interested in dental implants, titanium tooth root replacements. The dental implant process is more extensive, but well worth the time and effort. Once your implants have integrated with your jawbone, they will act as supports for any restorations you choose. Receiving implants and restorations can take several months, to allow for adequate healing.

You won’t know exactly what your full mouth reconstruction will be like until your consultation. If you’re eager to learn more about your own process, call Summit Dental to schedule an appointment. We look forward to rejuvenating your smile and its capabilities.

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