A Smile Makeover for Anxious Dental Patients

Oakland cosmetic dentistry Do your knees start to shake at the thought of dental treatment? You’re not alone. 9-20% of Americans postpone dental visits┬ábecause they’re anxious about stepping into the office. But your dental anxiety doesn’t need to define your experience at Summit Dental Care. We strive to offer every patient a level of care, communication, and compassion that puts them at ease. You deserve the same type of treatment – even elective cosmetic treatment – that non-anxious patients are able to receive. Read on to learn more about sedation dentistry, as well as non-invasive ways to remake your smile.

Sedation Dentistry’s Role in Your Next Appointment

Sedation dentistry makes it possible for many patients to receive care stress-free. Dental anesthesia is used whenever treatment could cause discomfort. But sedation dentistry goes above and beyond. Instead of addressing the prospect of pain, it calms the central nervous system to induce relaxation. Receiving dental sedation at your next appointment will help you approach it with ease, no matter the treatment you’re facing down.

Oakland Cosmetic Dentistry for Patients with Dental Anxiety

In addition to providing dental sedation, we offer treatment methods that produce results without drilling. The dental drill is an especially sore spot for patients with dental anxiety – their nerves peak when they hear its shrill whine, and the thought of the drill touching their teeth may be more than they can bear. Patients hoping to change the appearance of their smiles don’t need to write off cosmetic dentistry -it’s still a possibility. The below treatments make it possible to enhance aesthetics without the threat of discomfort:

Oakland cosmetic dentist

  • Teeth Whitening – Teeth whitening has been around for many years, and it’s continually becoming more sophisticated and evolved. Today’s whitening methods pay special attention to patients who may find the process uncomfortable, like those with sensitivity. Whitening gels contain desensitizing agents, and dentists offer fluoride regimens for patients to try prior to whitening. Fluoride usage helps to remineralize and strengthen enamel, cutting down on twinges that may occur once hydrogen peroxide gel is in place.
    Whitening also produces impressive results – ones so profound that you may not be interested in another form of cosmetic dentistry. Even patients anticipating a series of cosmetic treatments sometimes find themselves completely satisfied with a whiter grin. Try whitening for yourself to see what it does for your smile!
  • Dental Bonding – Bonding adheres tooth-colored composite to natural teeth. Once the composite material is in place, it blends with the surrounding smile. Tooth bonding repairs a variety of dental flaws, including stains, gaps, chips, cracks, and other superficial problems. It can be completed in a single visit, and it often requires no tooth preparation since the composite is highly malleable. Bonding is the answer for those seeking a quick, painless cosmetic fix.
  • Laser Dentistry – Laser dentistry isn’t a specific cosmetic treatment, but it is a means to a smile makeover end. Dental lasers cut teeth differently from dental drills – instead of utilizing friction, they employ light energy to manipulate tissues. Dental lasers improve on many aspects of the dental drill – they’re quieter, more comfortable, and laser treatment is followed by a briefer healing period. Lasers help many anxious patients receive treatment, and for them to feel calmer than they’ve ever imagined they could feel in the dental chair.


If you’ve been wanting to work on your smile, your anxiety doesn’t need to hold you back. Learn more about comfortable treatment options and the ways Summit Dental accomodates anxious patients by getting in touch. We’ll help you find a cosmetic treatment that truly suits you!

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