Kids’ Dental Health Is A Building Block of Happiness

Oakland general dentistYou want only the best for your children. Unfortunately, there are unavoidable outside factors that creep in and cause them stress or discomfort. While you may not be able to do anything about these problems once they’re already present, some of them can be (easily) prevented. Dental problems are at the top of the list.

It’s scary for a child to experience a cavity. He or she will feel unpleasant tooth pain, and will have to navigate the filling procedure. Why not put off that treatment as long as possible? With simple preventive dentistry, you can make hold off  your son’s or daughter’s first cavity until the child is ready to handle it. Below, we’ve got tips for every age and temperament. Get involved in your children’s oral health to see bigger, healthier smiles on every family member.

Tooth Development at an Early Age

Oakland general dentistYour child’s tooth development begins in the womb. Make sure to get plenty of calcium and Vitamin D to help your child form strong teeth and bones.

Once your child is born, he or she will need to visit the dentist by the first birthday. Seem early to you? Many parents don’t know how soon they should be scheduling that first appointment. But as soon as your child has teeth, it’s wise to get them checked out. First appointments are typically brief and simple, with a gentle exam ensuring that the teeth are erupting properly and cavities aren’t forming.

As we mentioned in the introduction, it’s best to prevent that first cavity for as long as possible. Part of this process is treating your child’s bottle habit the right way. Never your baby fall asleep while holding a bottle to his/her mouth – the sugars in the milk can cause tooth decay.

Embrace Oakland Family Dentistry to Boost Kids’ Oral Health

Once your children are old enough to handle their own oral hygiene, you can help motivate them to clean by getting involved in the process. Your kids look up to you in every way, and will follow your example. If you show them that brushing and flossing are your priorities, they’ll become more interested in caring for their own teeth.

Make dentistry a family affair by:

  • Making hygiene fun – You can do this in a few different ways. Make a family oral hygiene chart for everyone to check off their twice daily brushing. Find dental games online for your kids to learn more about tooth care in an approachable way. Overall, work on oral hygiene as a group, rather than expecting your children to do so as individuals.
  • Talking about the long-term – When your kids understand what brushing and flossing do, they’re more likely to take charge. Talk to them about how plaque forms, and the role they can play in fighting cavities. Once they understand that brushing today means cavity-free teeth in the future, they’ll be more eager to clean their teeth.
  • Scheduling concurrent exams – Show your kids that there’s nothing to fear from the dentist’s office! Schedule your exams on the same day so that they see you looking calm and collected. They’ll feel better being in the same boat as the other family members.

Why It’s Important for Your Child to Love the Dentist

By helping your kids feel good about dental treatment at an early age, you have the ability to prevent them from experiencing dental anxiety. Fear of the dentist is commonly formed during youth. Stop it from taking hold to keep your kids feeling good in the office – for years to come. You can even help them boost their own oral health, because they won’t be scared of regular exams.

It’s all in your hands! Get in touch to learn more about what you can do to help build your kids’ healthy teeth – and their happiness.

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