Root Canals Heal Infected Teeth

Oakland root canalIt’s hard for dental patients to get excited about root canals. They see them as painful, invasive, and debilitating treatments. In reality, a root canal is a healing thing. With the aid of anesthesia, communication, and research, your root canal can be a comfortable and revitalizing experience. Read on to learn a few of the positive aspects of root canals that many patients overlook.

Surprising Facts about Root Canals

  1. The root canal procedure is similar to getting a cavity filled. During a root canal, the disease portion of your tooth is removed and the space is filled. Doesn’t this sound similar to a much more common dental procedure? Although it is your pulp being removed rather than enamel, the procedures are similar and root canals don’t deserve the dread commonly associated with them.
  2. You will not feel anything during root canal treatment. We will administer proper local anesthesia to prevent you from feeling pain. Although there will be a sore healing period after treatment, you will soon be completely back to normal.
  3. After your root canal, your tooth will not feel pain again. The tooth’s nerves have been removed, and you will not be subjected to the painful twinges you felt leading up to the procedure.
  4. A root canal will prevent the need for tooth extraction. Once a tooth has become infected, it requires removal of tooth pulp in order for the tooth to be saved. If the pulp is not removed, you run the risk of the infection reaching the tip of the tooth root and creating an abscess, affecting the jawbone. If the infection spreads, extraction will be necessary and you’ll lose the tooth. A root canal allows you to preserve natural tooth structure.

Looking Forward to Your Root Canal

A root canal will make you feel better and return health to your tooth. It’s something you should look forward to! If you need a root canal, schedule today before the infection spreads.

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