Choosing The Right Type of Teeth Whitening

Oakland teeth whiteningThe modern era lets us make choices as to every type of service we receive. Cosmetic dentistry is no different. If you decide you’d like to whiten your teeth, you have a number of options. But with the luxury of choice comes the dilemma of actually making one! How do you narrow down the whitening systems on the market and decide which one is right for your teeth? Our Oakland team would love to help you out. This week’s blog post details the most distinct types of whitening, and which one may be the right choice for you.

Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

We’ve put together a handy chart to help you identify the type of teeth whitening that may be best for you.

Whitening Type Results Procedure Best for…
Home Whitening Gradual – brighten by several shades in 1-2 months Custom whitening trays that fit the teeth will be filled with a lower-intensity hydrogen peroxide gel, which will be worn for several weeks for ~1 hour per day Those with busy schedules, who are still hoping to whiten on their own time; patients who don’t mind gradual results.
In-Office Whitening Instant – brighten by several shades in one appointment with Zoom Whitening High intensity hydrogen peroxide gel will be applied to your teeth and isolated from the rest of your mouth with a rubber dam. A catalyzing light will activate the gel in several 15-minute treatments. Entire procedure takes 60-90 minutes. Patients looking for immediate whitening results; those preparing for an upcoming event; those seeking dramatically whiter teeth
Whitening Sensitive Teeth Gradual – brighten by several shades in 1-2 months Patients will prepare for whitening with home use of fluoridated dental products and potential in-office fluoride treatments, then use home whitening methods. Those who have found their teeth too sensitive to whiten in the past; those with worn enamel

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