Should I Add Mouthwash to my Oral Hygiene?

Oakland mouthwashWhile excellent brushing and flossing will do wonderful things for your teeth, sometimes that’s not always enough. If you’ve been practicing great oral hygiene but still finding that you have cavities at your regular dental exams, it’s a good time to add something extra to your daily routine. Yellowing teeth, bad breath, and puffy gums don’t make you feel healthy, and they don’t impress others. Mouthwash can help with these outward signs of dental problems by cutting down on the harmful bacteria in your mouth.

Choosing a new dental product can be difficult. Visit the drugstore to pick out a mouthwash, and you may find yourself dizzied by the options. We recommend taking a few steps to make your final pick. First of all, read on to learn about different types of mouthwash and which could be the most beneficial for you. Then, get in touch with our Oakland staff for a personalized recommendation that will make a difference to your teeth.

Types of Mouthwash

Just like with toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss, there are mouthwashes right for every type of mouth.

  • Fluoride Rinses – Fluoride remineralizes enamel, strengthening the external layer of your teeth. If you have sensitive teeth or frequent cavities, fluoride will give you the boost you need to keep decay at bay.
  • Antiseptic Rinses – While fluoride targets enamel, antiseptic mouthwashes kill harmful bacteria that are present in your mouth. This helps prevent decay, gum disease, and other infections. It also freshens the breath by removing bacteria from the tongue and other areas of the mouth that aren’t always reached by brushing. Antiseptic rinses are the most general (and probably the most popular) types of mouthwashes.
  • Combination Mouthwashes – These rinses combine the aspects of fluoride and antiseptic washes to accomplish everything your mouth needs.

The Right Mouthwash for You

If you love your dental products, you’ll be much more excited to clean your teeth on a regular basis. The flavor and type of your mouthwash are important. Try a few out to see what you prefer, and get in touch with our Oakland office for recommendations!

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