Getting To Know Your Invisalign Provider

Oakland Invisalign treatment

Invisalign treatment is all about your comfort and a lack of demands made on your time. The process should be a smooth one, and you can ensure it is by taking a few preparatory steps. Read up on treatment, understand what you need to do throughout the process, and engage in communication with your Oakland provider in order to make your time with Invisalign simple. This week’s blog post will help you do just that.

Your Invisalign Treatment

Before beginning Invisalign, make sure you know the steps you’ll need to take throughout treatment. By following directions and acting as instructed, you’ll ensure that your teeth move consistently and that your final smile is the one that you planned with our Oakland dental practice. A few of those steps include

  • Visiting Summit Dental at scheduled intervals. As with metal braces, you’ll need to adhere to regular appointments to make sure your teeth are shifting the way we want them to. Do whatever you can to keep from missing these appointments – it could take time to reschedule, and you may lose progress.
  • Switching to the next aligner whenever it is appropriate. A few of your aligners will be given to you at a time. Make sure you switch to the next aligner when you are supposed to move on. Although you may be tempted to hesitate switching to put off the few days of coming soreness, it could set you back.
  • Taking excellent care of your teeth. Invisalign trays can trap bacteria between your teeth, making cavities a possibility. Make sure you brush and floss after eating, before you replace the trays; this will remove food particles and keep your teeth healthy.

Beginning Invisalign Treatment

If you’re ready to start, it’s time to give our Oakland dentists a call. Invisalign could be right for you, and your smile could be straighter within the next year.

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