During Pregnancy, Prioritize Your Oral Health

  • 25th November 2015

We know that you’re already drowning in daily responsibilities and special considerations during pregnancy. But it’s crucial that you make sure one of those is your oral health. When your pregnant, your hormones are constantly fluctuating, which leads to a heightened risk of gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). But by…

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Does Tooth Loss Have to Happen to Me?

  • 13th November 2015

Does the aging process have to claim your smile? With the advances of modern dentistry and home hygiene products, tooth loss is no longer a certainty. But it is still a significant problem for older adults. How can you make sure that your own teeth are protected? Taking small, daily…

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Can Laser Dentistry Trigger Tooth Growth?

  • 10th November 2015

We already know that dental lasers help improve gum disease treatment, cavity detection, tooth prep, and more. But their list of incredible capabilities continues to grow. A new Harvard study found that low-energy lasers can stimulate¬†a tooth’s dentin to regenerate. While our teeth are incredibly strong (and enamel is actually…

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A Holiday Season without Tooth Decay

  • 21st October 2015

Halloween’s coming up, and the annual holiday season is upon us – and with it, indulgences galore. But how can you make sure that your (and your children’s) partaking in sweets and treats won’t result in less-than-healthy teeth? Fortunately, not all candy is created equal, and embracing a few healthy…

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Fight Shifting Teeth

  • 13th October 2015

It’s one thing when a supermodel has a gap between her two front teeth, but us mere mortals don’t always look quite so stunning. A space¬†between your teeth is known as a diastema, and it can develop at any point during your life. But what does it mean? When anything…

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FAQ: Alternative Orthodontics

  • 14th August 2015

How can you find straighter teeth while avoiding the pitfalls of metal braces? So you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and straighten your teeth. If you’re an adult, metal braces are probably the last thing you want to introduce into your life – and you may not have to….

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Floss Before or After Brushing?

  • 19th June 2015

There have been flossing recommendations floating across the Internet for many years. How do you know which ones are on-point, and which are just bad ideas? Believe it or not, the topic of whether flossing should come before or after brushing has provided plenty of dissent in the dental community….

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Keeping Your Family’s Teeth Safe this Summer

  • 17th April 2015

When your kids suit up for sports, are they adding a mouth guard to their protective gear? While it may not feel like it at times, summer is on the way. This means a ton of changes to your family’s daily life, the most marked being an increase in physical…

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Reduce Stress, Boost Your Oral Health

  • 14th February 2015

Feeling stressed out? While it’s tough to pinpoint the specific connection between anxiety and physical well-being, we experience the ramifications of stress on a daily basis. And they extend to your teeth. When you’re feeling anxious, you tend to clench your muscles, leading to teeth grinding and potential jaw disorders….

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Tackle Jaw Pain Today

  • 19th January 2015

Is your jaw feeling a little off? When you’re waking up with facial discomfort, an exhausted jaw, and sore teeth, it’s a sign that something larger is at hand. And if these sensations are ongoing, it’s crucial that you react. So many of us accept chronic pain as an inevitability…

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