Oakland Cosmetic Dentistry | Change Your Smile In Any Way

  • 11th August 2013

Modern cosmetic dental techniques have removed limits from our smiles. If there is a change you would like to make to your teeth, it can be done – with as little discomfort, and in as short a time as possible. Our Oakland dental practice offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic…

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Oakland Dentist Clarifies the Dental Extraction Procedure

  • 31st July 2013

Patients facing a dental extraction can be a bit nervous. The idea of parting with a piece of your body is a foreign one – but one that will ultimately do wonders for your oral health and smile. This week’s blog post finds our Oakland dentist expanding on the dental…

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Dental Implants Q&A with our Oakland Dentist

  • 25th July 2013

We spend a great deal of time talking about how incredible dental implants are on this blog. But nothing can impress you until you understand exactly what dental implants are. This week’s blog post from our Oakland dentist introduces new patients to dental implants and their role in restorative dentistry….

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Dental Bonding Provides A Quick Fix | Oakland Dentist

  • 17th July 2013

We’re always on the lookout for convenient dental treatments. Patients don’t want to linger in the dental chair – they hope to get in and get out, without discomfort and with the best possible results. Dental bonding is a treatment that makes a quick smile makeover a possibility. Our Oakland…

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Oakland Dentist Answers: What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

  • 11th July 2013

The phrase “full mouth reconstruction” may be a little intimidating. It sounds intense because it tackles the full scope of your teeth and the state of your oral health. Full mouth reconstruction will restore every area of your mouth to health – gums, teeth, and any other parts that may…

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Oakland Dentist on Looking Forward to Your Root Canal

  • 3rd July 2013

You’re probably shocked by the title of this week’s blog post. Can one really look forward to a root canal? Our Oakland dentist and staff like to think so! A huge part of the reason patients fear root canals is that the treatment has become a sort of dental scapegoat, a…

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Oakland Dentist Removes Signs of Periodontal Disease From A Smile

  • 26th June 2013

After you’ve struggled with periodontal disease, your gums and teeth may have experienced some changes. Because gum disease attacks both hard and soft tissues, your teeth may have decayed and your gum line may have receded or become swollen. No matter the changes to your dental health, our Oakland dentist…

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Stop TMJ Pain Today with our Oakland Dentist

  • 19th June 2013

When you’re experiencing any type of chronic pain, it controls your life. The discomfort resulting from a TMJ disorder can be debilitating. Fortunately, our Oakland dentist is able to relieve your pain and ease the intensity of your TMJ problem. With a variety of techniques and resources, we will stop…

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Dental Technology Makes A Difference | Oakland Dentist

  • 12th June 2013

The quality of your dental treatment lies in the skill level, compassion, and talent of your dentist. But there are a few factors that help our Oakland dentist provide especially superior dental care. Our team strives to stay up-to-date on fresh dental technologies so that we may pass their benefits…

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Oakland Dentist on What It Means to be An Aesthetic Dentist

  • 5th June 2013

It’s more common to hear patients asking for a “cosmetic dentist” than an “aesthetic dentist.” The major reason for this is the relatively new appearance of aesthetic dentistry as a concept and as a practice. Today, our Oakland dentist discusses what makes us an aesthetic dental practice – and why…

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