Dental Implants Change Your Smile (And Your Life)

  • 24th September 2014

Been feeling a little bit down lately? If your smile is in disrepair, we’re willing to bet that’s part of the cause for the blues. Without a full grin, you can’t enjoy the normal life that you deserve. Basic actions like speaking, eating, and general communication become ongoing struggles. Above…

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Dental Care at Every Age

  • 29th August 2014

As the years go by, things change. We’re all aware of this; but we’re not all keyed in to exactly what these changes are. At some point, the oral hygiene you once found effective against disease isn’t going to cut it. There are ways to ensure that you stay on…

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Is Your Smile Crying Out for Rehabilitation?

  • 18th August 2014

Time to check in with your teeth. What is your smile telling you? Take a moment to evaluate it objectively. There may be built up signs of aging and disrepair. And when you present that smile to the world, it’s treated with judgement. We want your teeth to speak in…

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Prematurely Aging Smile? Learn Why It Looks Older Than You

  • 4th August 2014

We all do our best to look young. When your appearance is fresh, you feel more youthful on the inside. But time continues to take its toll on our looks, and some changes are easier to effect than others. What if we told you that a little cosmetic dentistry could…

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Lasers Make a Case for Drill-Free Dentistry

  • 21st July 2014

You may have seen a story circulating on social media about self-healing teeth. Researchers found that dental lasers could be used to stimulate the growth of stem cells within teeth, and then form new dentin. This regeneration could mean less of a need for restorative dental work, and much less…

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Kids’ Dental Health Is A Building Block of Happiness

  • 8th July 2014

You want only the best for your children. Unfortunately, there are unavoidable outside factors that creep in and cause them stress or discomfort. While you may not be able to do anything about these problems once they’re already present, some of them can be (easily) prevented. Dental problems are at the…

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What Does Your Perfect Smile Look Like?

  • 20th June 2014

We’ve all got something we’d like to change about ourselves, whether it’s superficial or personality-based. While physical changes can seem tough to achieve, they’re actually some of the simplest to bring about. Say you’re interested in both becoming less anxious and straightening your front teeth. Which do you think will take less…

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6 Bad Habits That Are Harming Your Oral Health

  • 9th June 2014

Are you guilty of taking less-than-perfect care of your pearly whites? We all do things that aren’t necessarily the best for our mouths. But some daily habits are less obviously harmful than others. We want our patients to have the best possible chance of succeeding in their oral health. To…

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Embracing Oral Surgery: How to Get Comfortable Before the Big Day

  • 28th May 2014

Are you currently dreading an upcoming event? Okay, that’s a vague question – and most of us have something on the books that we’re just not looking forward to (whether it’s a dull meeting or an ill-advised book club). But when it’s a dental procedure that you’re facing down, the…

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Simple Smile Tweaks: Whiten, Straighten, and Repair in One Appointment

  • 27th May 2014

Making big changes to your smile doesn’t necessarily require big commitments. Cosmetic dentistry has become readily accessible and versatile, allowing every patient to enjoy its benefits. Many patients can actually transform their teeth without requiring anesthesia or tooth preparation – and they’re thrilled with the results. Interested in speedy but pleasing dental…

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