Treating Jaw Pain

  • 18th October 2013

Jaw pain can consume your life. Even worse is when that pain stems from something you don’t have control over. Sufferers of chronic teeth grinding, clenching, or TMJ disorders find their jaws moving when they sleep or are otherwise occupied, stressing the jaw joint and causing greater discomfort. Fortunately, there…

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Restore Worn Teeth Beautifully

  • 7th October 2013

Time takes its toll on every part of our bodies, but its effects on our teeth can be especially noticeable. After all, a smile is one of the first things people notice about one another. Don’t let your teeth say unfair things about your age! Worn teeth can communicate poor…

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Getting To Know Your Invisalign Provider

  • 3rd October 2013

Invisalign treatment is all about your comfort and a lack of demands made on your time. The process should be a smooth one, and you can ensure it is by taking a few preparatory steps. Read up on treatment, understand what you need to do throughout the process, and engage…

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Oakland | Tooth Replacement Options

  • 25th September 2013

Your dental treatment is up to you! When it’s time to replace a missing tooth, you can choose to do so in whichever way is most comfortable for you. The number of dental restorations available at Summit Dental make it possible for you to receive nearly any kind of restoration…

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Gum Care and Periodontal Treatment | Oakland

  • 18th September 2013

Our mouths are exposed to countless bacteria, every day. Some are helpful, and some give rise to harmful acids. While our teeth have protective layers of enamel, our mouth’s soft tissues are more exposed. Those unable to fight off the daily levels of plaque and bacteria will see their gums…

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Advanced Dental Technology | Oakland

  • 11th September 2013

While your teeth may not seem delicate, their physical nature (with pulp and sensitive tissues protected by only a thin layer of enamel) and proximity to your brain make them a sensitive part of your body. For this reason, we try to be as conservative as possible when working on…

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Experience Laser Dentistry in Oakland

  • 4th September 2013

The dental drill is most patients’ least favorite part of a dental procedure. Because of this, dental researchers and technology developers have spent years searching for alternative means of treatment. We’ve emerged with the dental laser. Laser use in dentistry improves patient comfort in a few key ways. This blog…

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Choosing Six Month Smiles in Oakland

  • 28th August 2013

Adults seeking orthodontic treatment have likely heard of Invisalign, a subtle way to straighten with clear aligner trays. For some, Invisalign is still more of a commitment than they would like to make. Dentists and orthodontists are always searching for and developing new ways to make orthodontic treatment accessible to…

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Try Dental Implants with Dentures Oakland

  • 22nd August 2013

Dentures often get a bad reputation. While their main purpose is to provide you peace of mind by acting as your teeth, ill-fitting or loose dentures just don’t accomplish this. Some patients experience such frustration with dentures that they give up and seek alternate treatment, or allow the spaces left…

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Oakland Porcelain Dental Restorations for Worn Teeth

  • 16th August 2013

After decades of wear and tear, your teeth experience the effects of time. They weaken and wear down. Teeth lose structure, see an increase in sensitivity, and lose more and more enamel. When your teeth are worn, you lose confidence in your smile and in yourself. But it’s not necessary…

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